The Team

Damian Foxall
With over 36 years of experience in the ocean and dinghy racing industry, Damian has spent most of his life competing of the water. In that time, he has logged 400,000 nautical miles as a professional racing sailor and has participated in 20+ Trans-Atlantics, 10 round the world races and holds numerous World Records.  He holds an Ocean Yachtmaster – Sail Certification.
Damian has also worked as a coach, project manager and an Ocean Advocate, promoting marine sustainability and ocean health.

Niall MacAllister
Niall is involved in everything on the water. As a skipper he has used his skills to lead vessels involved in multiple science projects focusing on sea turtle and cetacean surveys. He also set up and runs West Cork Sailing and Powerboat Centre which has become one of Ireland’s premier marine training establishments. Over the past 15 years he has delivered boats around the world, as well as taken on maintenance, repair and crew training. Niall holds a degree in marine zoology and thus brings his passion for sailing and the nature around him alive to all passengers. Niall is a certificated RYA Yachtmaster Commercial Skipper up to 24m

Lucy Hunt
Lucy grew up in a B&B facing the ocean in Ireland and has always felt at home when working on or with the Ocean. Lucy holds a masters degree in Marine Environmental protection and is the founder of SeaSynergy Marine Awareness & Activity Centre, Waterville, Co. Kerry, Ireland and has been award many awards including Responsible Tourism Award, Irish Marine Tourism Award, Ocean Hero, Ocean Warrior. In addition she has worked many jobs related to the season including a PAM operator, Sustainability advisory for Volvo Ocean Racing, and creating lesson plans for schools. With her research and work she has spent countless days on vessels at sea. She also grew up in a family with a Bed and Breakfast and understands the demands of passenger care and safety.

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