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“Every time I look around I find myself saying ‘Wow’, OMG or this is insane, the scenery and backdrop is truly spectacular – spectacular doesn’t even do it justice!!” Lucy Hunt Crew / Marine Biologist with Ocean Tramp 2020

Learn how you can get involved in Team South’s expedition to Antarctica and join Team South on the trip of a lifetime.

You can explore Antarctica on an Expedition Sailboat and encounter penguin colonies, breaching whales, and leopard Seals.

Each day is something new – we take in what Antarctica gives to us, with the flexibility of a small yacht. We will visit penguin colonies and watch many types of seals. We will explore from eye level with zodiac tours and kayaks. Plus, if the weather allows, anyone interested can sleep a night ashore!

Team South have been granted special rates for the final expedition in Antarctica and back across the Drake. We would really love to fill the boat with Irish connections to experience this incredible opportunity.

Photographers, sailors, adventurers, scientists and anyone looking to fulfill a lifelong dream ~ you couldn’t beat sailing with this team.

We invite you to the final trip – 10th – 29th February 2020

Fly To Antarctica, Explore The Ice
and Sail The Drake

Sail the Drake Passage! 20-Day Trip
“No matter what we do and no matter what the weather, your time in Antarctica will be one of a lifetime. Your trip will be filled with fantastic landscapes, unforgettable evening zodiac rides through the ice, watching sculpted icebergs floating past. It is unlike any other place you will experience on the planet.”


20 Day Expedition – 10th – 29th February 2020

  1. Fly down from Punta Arenas, Chile, on 10th Feb 2020.
  2. 14 Days Sailing in Antarctica from 10th  Feb to 24th Feb.
  3. 4-5 Day Sail back from Antarctica across “The Drake” to Stanley, arrive in the Falkland Islands. ETA Feb 29th.   
  4. Disembark date Feb 29th in Stanley.


Ocean Tramp has different styles of cabin and rates vary based on cabin.

Choose your cabin and your rate ….

  1. Shackleton Cabin – ensuite bathroom, $12,900 USD pp. base double. This is a double cabin, with a double bottom bed and a single upper bunk. Available for 2 pax only.
  2. Mermaid cabin, 2 single bunks, a lower and an upper bunk. $11,900 USD pp.
  3. Forward cabin, $11,900 USD pp. A double bottom bed and an upper single bunk. Available for 2 pax only.
  4. Beagle Bunks, $9,900 USD pp. Two bunks, a lower and an upper bunk.

Go direct to the Quixote team to learn more about Ocean Tramp, Antarctica, Quixote and the adventure expedition or just book your place!

Contact Quixote Direct

Fly and Sail Antarctica

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