Team South dip the Bransfield Tartan in the Bransfield Strait

The story behind the Bransfield Tartan The idea for this commemorative Tartan came about when Jim Wilson, chairman of the Remembering Edward Bransfield committee, gave a lecture on Edward Bransfield to a group travelling to the Antarctic peninsula while sailing on the Bransfield Strait.One of those attending, Gael Mueller from California, is a keen weaverContinue reading “Team South dip the Bransfield Tartan in the Bransfield Strait”

Penguin Rescue, Humpback Bubble Netting and Night Sailing

Quixote given a brilliant catch up on 3 days of the adventures the team are having, by crew member David Rider. After witnessing a Gentoo drop into a deep crevice and not reappear, a rescue team of Niall, Lucy, Helen and Bassem went gently ashore resdue the little guy. Humpbacks have not been in shortContinue reading “Penguin Rescue, Humpback Bubble Netting and Night Sailing”

Commemorating Edward Bransfield Tarten Travels

Niall MacAllister met up with Jim in his home in Cove last week to collect the “Remembering Edward Bransfield” hand woven scarf to bring to Antartica on Team South’s expedition this winter. This is first scarf off the loom and extremely precious to Jim, so we are honored to bring on board Ocean Tramp. TheContinue reading “Commemorating Edward Bransfield Tarten Travels”