Wow Wow Wow

A personal note from Niall MacAllister from Day 1 arriving at the Melchior Islands in Antarctica …

“We arrived and wow wow wow. Just like something you would never see.”

“We are tucked up in a super little sheltered cove completely surrounded by snow and ice, its incredible and it makes me want to ski. We had a bit of tight maneuvering to get in as the entrance was blocked by huge ice bergs that were grounded – Damian is fairly handy with the wheel ! I took the guests for a zodiac ride and it was incredible to be among the ice bergs and watch glaciers calving.”

“We saw huge Weddle seals, Gentoo penguins and Chinstrap penguins -both in the water and up on the ice. Cameras went crazy and as always happens when you see something incredible, my camera battery ran out!”

Niall MacAllister 6 December 2020

Pictures will come in a couple of weeks 🙂

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Keen sailor and explorer. Love to enjoy the beautiful environment of West Cork.

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