Commemorating Edward Bransfield Tarten Travels

Niall MacAllister, Team South First Mate and Jim Wilson,
chairman of the Remembering Edward Bransfield Committee

Niall MacAllister met up with Jim in his home in Cove last week to collect the “Remembering Edward Bransfield” hand woven scarf to bring to Antartica on Team South’s expedition this winter.

This is first scarf off the loom and extremely precious to Jim, so we are honored to bring on board Ocean Tramp.

The story of the creation of the weave is incredible and inspired by the personal experiences and inspired by the very colours of Antarctica.

You can read up on the fantastic story of weaver Gael Mueller HERE.

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Keen sailor and explorer. Love to enjoy the beautiful environment of West Cork.

3 thoughts on “Commemorating Edward Bransfield Tarten Travels

  1. OH, MY! I am so very honored that you would carry the Edward Bransfield Commemorative Tartan to Antarctica!!!! Thank you for helping to honor the man, his mission and the continent he discovered.


  2. Great stuff Team South. We have just posted a piece on the tartan and the Tom MacSweeney interview with Damian and Lucy.


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