Nearly Ready to Leave Falklands

Ocean Tramp is moored up in Stanley, Falkland Islands and Niall MacAllister is on board preparing her to head south. Provisions are loaded, ‘Muck Boots’ lined up, winches serviced and more to prepare her for the journey south to Ushuaia in Southern Argentina. We hope to get a few more pics out to you soon.

Published by gailmacallister

Keen sailor and explorer. Love to enjoy the beautiful environment of West Cork.

2 thoughts on “Nearly Ready to Leave Falklands

  1. I wish I had known about you earlier. I will be in Cobh, County Cork on January 25 WITH the Edward Bransfield Commemorative tartan! I would have made some for you. Jim Wilson (Remembering Edward Bransfield Committee chair) christened the one I made for him in the Bransfield Strait last January. You can read about the tartan at The site is with WordPress. Just click on weaving and you will see it. I wish you a wonderful journey. How can it not be? You are going to Antarctica!!!!!

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    1. Hi There Thanks for reaching out. It is great to hear from you. Niall will be first mate on Ocean Tramp, Skipper is Damian Foxall and Crew is Lucy Hunt (well now Foxall too :)).
      Niall will be returning to Ireland for the first 2 weeks of November and then heads back out to board Ocean Tramp again, but with Damian and Lucy this time. Then they head off south with passengers on board for 4 + months of adventure.
      I love the commemorative tartan. Your weaving is fantastic. Gail (Niall’s wife :))

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